Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Where to find it: In the lounge above the night club. It is an arcade game (next to astro barrier)

Object of the game: To solve each maze and earn coins by melting ice tiles without getting trapped. There are 19 mazes. Extra coins are rewarded if you melt every single tile.

How to play: Use keyboard arrows. Certain tiles will help you complete each level. Some levels need a key. Just pick up the key and go through the now unlocked door. Look for movable tiles, they are darker. Also watch out for twice around tiles. These tiles have no effect but do not melt during the first time around. The first time they are turned into a regular tile so you need to go over them again. Some tiles are green these are called warp tiles. Earn extra points by melting more tiles on bonus levels.


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