Thursday, April 23, 2009



Where to find it: In the pizza parlor. Click on the bead curtains near the counter.

Object of game: Use the pizzatron5000 to create fantastic and tasty pizzas, penguin style! Earn coins according how many pizzas you make correctly. If on the main screen click the switch at the bottom to play with a candy – n – sugar version that earns more money!

How to play:Drag and drop toppings that match the pizza shown on the order screen. Speed and accuracy is needed. You must make the pizza in the amount of time it takes the dough to move across your screen. Some pizzas need multiple toppings and others are simply sauce and cheese. Speeds vary according to how many pizza you get correct. If you fail to make a pizza correctly, you will be required to remake it. If you make more than 4 mistakes it’s game over.


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