Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bean Counters

Bean Counters

Where to find it: In the coffee shop(Java Bags)

Object of the game: Bags of Java beans will be thrown out of the back of a van. You must catch them and stack them on a red platform.

How to play: Move your mouse right and left to move your penguin and catch the bags. Click the left mouse button when at the red platfrom to drop the bag off. You can hold more then one bag at a time but be careful because if you are holding 5 or more they will hurt you! Every bag you deposit adds points. Every bag you miss will subtract points. The more points you have in the end, the more coins you’ll get. If you see the face of a penguin in a star, catch it! It gives you an extra life! If you get hit by an anvil, flower pot or a fish or if you carry to many bags you will lose a life! There are five trucks if you empty all them before your lives run out you will get bonus points.


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