Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Where to find it: In the Ski Lodge(the green door).

Object of the game: To catch as many fish as you can.

How to play: Move your mouse up & down to raise & lower your hook. When you see a fish dangle the hook in front of the fish; you will catch it. Bring it up above the ice and click the left button on your mouse to release it. If you loose a worm(lives) bring your hook back above the water and click to get a new worm. Barrels and boots can kick the fish that your trying to bring up if you are not careful. Jellyfish, Sharks and Crabs will cost you a worm if you are not aware of them. A can with a worm on it will give you an extra life. For every fish you catch you will recive 1 coin. At the end the coins you had will be doubled to make the amount of coins you will recive. If you catch the big fish at the end you will recive your doubled coins+50 bonus coins. To catch the big fish (mullet) you have to dangle one of the smaller fish in front of him/her to convince him/her to get caught.


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